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In order to get the process started…to prime the pump, I turned to a colleague with the request to get us going. She couldn’t have picked a better topic and I encourage you to let us know what your answer to this question is: “Why do you do what you do?”


Why do I teach for such low wages and no job security? Well, I love teaching and if that means I am adjunct faculty I will be gladly do it and have been happy to do it for 17 years. I have always been treated with respect and loyalty by my department and area coordinator, but at the administrative level, things have not been as fair. The university cannot make ends meet without the number of adjunct faculty in every department and that is well known and at the same time adjunct faculty have been so willing to work for nothing that we have put ourselves between a rock and a hard place. Now that we are being heard across the country I am hoping that there will be some way to raise our wages and provide benefit packages.
Christy Martell
Department of Art and Art History, Colorado State University